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Skills Development Partners (SDP)

Empowering and strengthening enterprises and workers to take greater ownership in skills development.

Who are Skills Development Partners?

Skills Development Partners (SDPs) are Trade Associations and Chambers (TACs) as well as Professional Bodies (PBs) which aim to achieve the following objectives to help employers and workers to be informed of, be equipped with and recognise skills that matter for their sectors and jobs:

  1. Identify sector skills needs more responsively;
  2. Strengthen the linkage of skills development with enterprise transformation and job redesign; and
  3. Help employers adopt skills-based practices and recognise workers’ skills

Roles of SDPs

The SDPs perform the following roles:

1. Skills Articulation

  • Identify and validate priority skills needs of the sectors in response to significant trends and development that are taking place
  • Translate validated jobs and skills changes into usable insights for employers and workers

2. Skills Aggregation

  • Outreach to employers to signal priority skills needs and aggregate skills demands of the sectors to facilitate their effort to undertake job re-design and enterprise transformation
  • Inform and direct workers to SSG’s training programmes that impart skills in demand by the sectors

3. Skills Recognition

  • Support employers to adopt skills-based recognition as part of talent attraction, management and career development by referencing curated skills credentialing pathways and training programmes

How you can benefit

  • Be informed of priority skills for your sector and jobs through Jobs-Skills Insights
  • Build your workers’ capabilities to embark on job re-design and business transformation through access to Jobs-Skills resources
  • Implement skills-based practices to attract, manage and retain talents while recognising workers through industry-recognised skills credentials

How to start

Reach out to the Skills Development Specialists of the Skills Development Partner relevant for your sector to find out how they may assist you, in the list below.