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Workplace Skills Recognition programme (WPSR)

Fast-track skills certifications for your employees without external training.

Introduction to Workplace Skills Recognition Programme

The Workplace Skills Recognition programme (WPSR) will enable employers to fast-track skills assessment and help more workers gain formal recognition of the skills developed at the workplace.

This saves business downtime and training costs, as workers will not need to go for additional external training to obtain the certifications.

WPSR is open to all companies.

How does it work?

Under the WPSR, enterprises that have established systems and processes for on-the-job training can now earn the “Workplace Learning:Ready (WPL:READY) Mark” issued by the National Centre of Excellence for Workplace Learning (NACE).

To do so, enterprises can approach the NACE centres to assess their readiness to meet the WPL:READY requirements before applying for the certification.

Enterprises desiring more support to build up their workplace learning processes and prepare for the WPL:READY Mark assessment can seek assistance from the respective NACE centres, and tap on the suite of training programmes and consultancy services.

All these initiatives are subsidised by SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) at up to 90% for eligible enterprises.

What can I expect?

Step 1: Certify readiness for workplace learning by attaining the WPL:READY Mark

Attaining the WPL:READY Mark means that an enterprise has a structured workplace learning system and is implementing it effectively. To attain the WPL:READY Mark, enterprises will need to go through an assessment process conducted by NACE.


*All fees shown here exclude prevailing GST.

Step 2: Certify employees’ skills acquired at the workplace

Work with SSG’s approved training partners, such as CET Centres and Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs), to certify the skills of your employees through the Assessment-Only-Pathway (AOP) mode to attain relevant certifications directly, without the need for further external training. You stand to benefit from significant time and cost savings in the process.

*Subject to course availability. Please work with the CET Centres and IHLs to identify relevant AOP modules for your enterprise.

How to apply

Workplace Skills Recognition Programme (WPSR)

You will be brought to a FormSG to register your interest for certification.

NACE will engage your organisation on the application process and requirements and advise you on the next steps.