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SkillsFuture Series

Stay ahead on emerging trends with this curated list of short training programmes, focusing on the growth pillars Digital, Green, Care, and Industry 4.0.

The SkillsFuture Series is a curated list of short, industry-relevant training programmes that focuses on emerging skills in the four economic growth pillars (Digital, Green, Care, and Industry 4.0).

The economic growth pillars are: Digital, Green, Care, and Industry 4.0.

Digital Economy Emerging Skills

  1. AI, Data and Analytics

  2. E-commerce and Digital Marketing
  3. Cyber Security and Risk
  4. Cloud, Systems and Infrastrucure
  5. Software Development
  6. Technology Application and Management

Green Economy Emerging Skills

  1. Environmental and Sustainability Management
  2. Green Infrastructure and Mobility
  3. Energy, Resource Circularity and Decarbonisation
  4. Sustainable Finance

Care Economy Emerging Skills

  1. Person-centred Care
  2. Collaboration with Stakeholders
  3. Teaching and Learning
  4. Health and Wellness

Industry 4.0 Emerging Skills

  1. Advanced Manufacturing and Supply
  2. Industrial IoT, Robotics and Robotics and Automation
  3. Product Innovation and Quality Management
  4. Additive Manufacturing, Advanced Materials and Processes

How you can benefit:

  • Gain access to subsidised courses curated under the SkillsFuture Series across basic, intermediate and advanced proficiency levels. The course list will be expanded progressively.
  • Broaden your knowledge on emerging trends to understand how they could disrupt or propel your business and workforce as you transform

Subsidies and funding:

  • Up to 70% course fee subsidy for employers who sponsor their employees (Singaporean and Permanent Residents) for the SkillsFuture Series courses
  • Enhanced funding of up to 90% course subsidy is applicable for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) and/or Singaporean employees who are 40 years old and above

Please contact the training provider for the final nett course fee payable after SkillsFuture subsidies and GST.

For further information on SkillsFuture training grants, visit Training Subsidies for Employers.

How to apply:

Find out more information on the emerging skills and the range of SkillsFuture Series courses.