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Training subsidies for employers

An easy-to-understand breakdown of all SkillsFuture training subsidies for businesses. Check your eligibility and see how the subsidies are applied to defray your training costs.

Funding at a glance

A summary of SkillsFuture subsidies for businesses that sponsor employees for training courses. Read details in the next section.

Read on to learn how SkillsFuture subsidies are calculated.

How course subsidies are applied

Course subsidies are deducted automatically from course fees. The remainder is paid to training provider. SFEC offsets up to 90% of the amount paid.

For Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)*

*Entities registered with ACRA (e.g. Voluntary Welfare Organisations, or VWOs, and societies) qualify as SMEs long as they meet the SME eligibility criteria.

For non-SMEs

Calculate your payable amount after subsidies

Use our Enterprise Course Funding Calculator to get a quick estimate of the net course fees payable for an SSG-funded course, after all applicable training subsidies are applied.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

View all questions at SkillsFuture for Business FAQs.