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Information on joining the SkillsFuture Queen Bee network of HP Singapore.


HP was appointed as a SkillsFuture Queen Bee to level up sustainable manufacturing and procurement capabilities in the manufacturing industry.

As a SkillsFuture Queen Bee, HP has partnered the Singapore Institute of Management Group Limited (SIM) to deliver a programme covering 15 courses, while also provide mentoring to manufacturing companies as they develop Proof-of-Concepts for business transformation.

Interested companies may enrol their employees for the courses across 4 tracks to suit their needs:

  • Engineering - This track focuses on product design and sustainability. It covers design thinking in manufacturing, and guidance on designing customer-centric sustainable products.
  • Sourcing - This track focuses on materials selection and ethical sourcing, primarily covering the environmental, social and governance pillars of sustainability, green process design and sustainability design.
  • Production - This track focuses on enabling companies to develop factories of the future. Companies will learn about manufacturing and sustainability, green building, and facilities management, along with ESG and carbon footprint management.
  • Aftermarket - This track focuses on creating a circular economy. It covers the process of green design and sustainability design, business acumen and leadership to help companies achieve manufacturing success, implement change and transformation for SMART manufacturing and sustainability.

How you can benefit

Build up a range of hard and soft skills to manage critical challenges and needs in manufacturing, from sustainable product design, ethical sourcing, green building, to facilities management, systems thinking and problem solving.

Get started

Start your SkillsFuture Journey with HP Singapore

Contact Ms Joanna Sim at j.sim@hp.com or Ms Nora Zulkarnain Sim at nora.zulkarnain-sim@hp.com.

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